Bye, Bye, Spotify – Welcome To The Amazon!

I love new music. I subscribed to Spotify a little over a year ago so I could listen to all of the new releases each week. I quickly discovered that the curated playlist for new music was sorely lacking. Not only did all of the songs sound surprisingly similar, but a cursory search of the internet revealed just how much music was missing: a lot! Genres like Country, Jazz and Singer Songwriter were routinely under-represented or completely ignored. At $119.88 per year, I felt I deserved better.

Today I switched to Amazon Prime.  It’s a 3 month free trial and $99.00 a year after that. In addition to streaming music, my subscription includes free 2 day shipping on anything I order through Amazon, as well as unlimited access to their streaming video service (now I can finally see Mozart In The Jungle).

To be honest, my initial examination of their curated playlists found them to be inferior to Spotify’s: very disappointing. Plus, there are a ton of gaps in their catalog. Still, I’m going to see if I can dig in and find a way to make it work. After all, in 3 months I can always say, “Adios Amazon and welcome back Spotify, I’ve missed you!”