Spotify’s “New Music Friday” playlist: It ain’t all that!

I think it’s time that Spotify change the name of their “New Music Friday” playlist. Yes, it’s new, and it’s music, and it’s delivered on Friday, but it is completely myopic. By that I mean, the overwhelming majority of songs are all cut from the same cloth: Urban Electronic. My guess is, this list is compiled by a small group of urban dwelling, club frequenting, 20 somethings… not that there’s anything wrong with that. Oh, they throw in an occasional country, rock or indie song, but those genres are ALWAYS under represented and very poorly curated. So, here’s a request from someone who LOVES new music: Please create a playlist that reflects EVERYTHING that’s going on in modern music, not just the narrow view you currently favor. Pretty please… with sugar on it?
Now, do I really think Spotify is listening or cares in the least what I have to say? Nope. Do I believe that they will address my concerns in any way, shape or form? Not at all. Do I think this post is a useless exercise in complete futility? I’d put money on it. But, do I feel better now that I’ve vented? Li’l bit… not much, but… li’l bit.

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